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Case Studies

Explore our portfolio of projects that demonstrate our expertise, creativity, and commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients. From groundbreaking campaigns to transformative strategies, discover how JCB Media turns dreams into reality.


Chasing and Achieving

Chasing and Achieving Fitness is run by Chase Fleming in Baton Rouge, Louisana. Chase focuses on personal training along with group fitness. Together, we were able to increase Chase's following, clientele, and overall reach in the city of Baton Rouge!

Heading 3


Exquisite Bliss Spa

Exquisite Bliss Spa is located in Baton Rouge and specialzies in Wax and Skincare. Not only were we able to help Kiera organize her business online, but also were able to fully book her calendars with new cliental.


Faith Fitness 225

Faith Fitness is located in Baton Rouge, LA and is ran by Jerome and Azariah. They are trainers who focus on one-on-one and group fitness with a focus on faith as well! We were able to give them a consistent online presence while also growing their reach in BR through their target audience. 


Veganish Vibes

Veganish Vibes is a 100% vegan soul food restaurant in Baton Rouge, LA. In our time with them, we have been able to grow their following, reach and customer base by amazing numbers through social media management and content creation!

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